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Off Roading Week, Day 2/ Waterfall by Shadowlion2 Off Roading Week, Day 2/ Waterfall :iconshadowlion2:Shadowlion2 2 0 Off Roading Week, Day 3/ ocean by Shadowlion2 Off Roading Week, Day 3/ ocean :iconshadowlion2:Shadowlion2 1 0 Prince Felix of the Pridelands by Shadowlion2 Prince Felix of the Pridelands :iconshadowlion2:Shadowlion2 0 6 My LK OC Details - Prince Felix by Shadowlion2 My LK OC Details - Prince Felix :iconshadowlion2:Shadowlion2 0 0
WRHITLK Chapter 5: A New Shadow in the Pridelands
    I hear loud panting in my ears and many thumps of paws hitting the ground. Paws? I open my eyes to see tall grass.
"Where am I?"
I spot the big hyena walking ahead of me and I remember what happened. I'm in Lion king, and was taken by hyenas. The big one glances back at me.
"Ah, so the pipsqueak is finally awake. I didn't even hit you that hard."
Long who is holding me jumps up on the rock the other Hyenas have jumped onto.
The big hyena gives me a evil grin. "And to answer your question, we're in the pridelands."
I stare stunned at the green land before me full of animals roaming but what really catches my attention is the huge rock right in the middle of it. A thought occurs and I blurt it out. I look around slightly confused.
"It's.. Still green?"
Dusty snorts.
"Well duh it's green, what did you think it would turn blue or something?!"
I don't respond to him because it dawns on me it's only been a day or two sin
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Broken Reflection by Shadowlion2 Broken Reflection :iconshadowlion2:Shadowlion2 1 0
Sparkle's Ring
    Grandfather loved this old car. Ever since I was little this car had been the one to take us to get ice cream or just for an evening drive. Grandma always said he never drove it without me so I guess I shouldn’t have really been surprised to find out he left this vintage car to me in his will. I also know that quite a few people approached him for this car all the time. Then each time he would turn their offers down for some reason.
I study the old black car before me. It's not bad looking and I will admit, I'm a sucker for retro things. The black exterior is smooth as I open the driver side door. My stomach growls and I instantly crave greasy food.  So why not take a drive now?
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WRHITLK Chapter 4: A new cut scene
I called out a thanks as my spiky friend disappears into the green forage. I give the area a wide birth just in case of a stray quill and make my way back to the entrance of the jungle and wait...
I end up not wait long at all when I hear voices approaching.
"Ow! Oh! Ow!" Timon.
"Oooo OW!" Pumba.
The voice getting louder and I realize I overlooked something. I need a place to hide... I look around then I look up. Lions can climb trees, right?
A few minutes later, I'm sitting on a sturdy branch panting.
"That.. Was.. A unique experience..."
I glance out into the desert to see the buzzards starting to land surrounding Simba and a moment later, Timon and Pumba stumble out from behind a tree. I work to keep myself from laughing as they Lean against my tree and start removing the quills. There are so many quills in Timon that he looks like a porcupine himself. Pumba spits out a couple more quills from Timon's back.
"Maybe bowling for p
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Dear Journal, 1912
                                                                                                        April 9, 1912
      Dear journal,
     I thought it might help to keep tabs of everything going on, in case I mess something up. Everything happened so fast, one minute I am hanging out in the library in the year 2016; and the next I am sitting in Southampton, England 104 years in the past.  The man who made this possible was Drake Overton, a quantum physicist. He approached me one day at the library and explained the company he and his partner created needed the help of young individuals to make the world a better place.
He went on to say he had been watching me an
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LK Story Cover Entry -GirlInHerOwnWorld2016 by Shadowlion2 LK Story Cover Entry -GirlInHerOwnWorld2016 :iconshadowlion2:Shadowlion2 0 0 Song of the Sea by Shadowlion2 Song of the Sea :iconshadowlion2:Shadowlion2 4 6
WRHITLK Chapter 3: A Meerkat and a Warthog
I nod as he runs to catch up and I start running again. " where are we going, Felix?" I nod to the huge bird in the sky ahead of us. " follow the Buzzard." I get a strange look from the cub but he just nods. So our journey continues...
As we run we take turns taking the lead and we never stop running. We lost the Buzzard a while ago but, thankfully we found another seemingly going the same way so we followed him instead. Simaba looks tired and I slow down so he can take the lead, he needs to be tired out not me. I Need to make him go faster somehow.. I scan the horizon for ideas when I spot something behind us. A creature with back fur was standing in the distance, the more I looked at it I realized its a buzzard. It must have found the wildebeest carcass we pasted by earlier. I can guess why that didn't make it in the final movie cut... I look back at Simba as a idea hit me. I start running faster.
" Simba run! Hyena!"
Simba starts running fast the t
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Not a Hero
 8:50 AM. 
 8:51 AM. 
 8:52 AM.
   I look away from my clock on my side table to the check in my hand. Even with my room shrouded in darkness with the window and door shut, I can still lightly read the check. Of course it still says it’s from the police, it is still proof that they think I'm a hero. I shake my head, it was merely an accident. I glance at my clock again, its 8:55 now. Was this worth it? Saving a man's life only to receive threatening phone calls and a check? I didn't realize that helping that guy on the subway would lead to having someone else arrested, even more an ex-con. Slight guilt hits me, poor guy only wanted freedom but only to have a teenage girl unintentional get him arrested. He may have even been innocent this time for all I know. The ex-con had seemed to have turned over a new leaf. The only proof they had was that guy I "saved" brought forward. I mean sure, the man
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My Soul Results by Shadowlion2 My Soul Results :iconshadowlion2:Shadowlion2 0 0
WRHITLK Chapt.2- Buzzard's Desert
I look up to the edge of the gorge to see a dark colored lion slinking away. Scar! I don't think he noticed me but I don't have time to think about him as I race through the gorge looking for Simba. I reach a fork in the path and take a gamble to go left, the laughs of hyenas turn into growls and I run faster. I spot a narrow path cutting through the huge rock in the middle of the gorge and I go through it as the sounds of panting Hyenas get louder. I must be right behind them.. I should probably make sure they don't see me though so I'm safe-
I run full speed into a pile of a mangy grey mass.
"Ow! Wait, how'd lunch get behind us?"
I jump and instantly recognize them, so I turn tail and run the way they were heading. The three of them set there for a minute probably confused about seeing another lion cub, then I hear them hop up snarling to give chase. I hope that at least gave Simba a heads start..
I turn right and I glance behind me to see the hyenas gaining fast. They look a
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Happy 4th of July!- Fireworks by Shadowlion2 Happy 4th of July!- Fireworks :iconshadowlion2:Shadowlion2 1 3


I think this is an awesome piece of art! I just love how Neve calmly shows an air of aggressive-ness without even having to really try....

by Xanxor

I enjoy this art immensely and I just love the character setup! Kion's expression matches pretty well to his expressions as a cub and K...



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United States
I am currently going to school for creative writing. I hope to always be improving my writing capabilities. I write so people can enjoy a good story and quite possibly escape into fantasy for a bit.

I am a huge fan of disney so I write fan fiction to help me practice. If you take a look at my LK fanfic, you will notice how my writing progressively gets better over time. Despite how popular my story has surprisingly gotten, I don't go back and fix older chapters because it shows my hero's journey in writing. Thanks to my readers over at, I have gotten a better understanding when it comes to writing.

I hope you find something I've written to your liking.

UPDATE: If you are interested in me writing a free short story to go along with your artwork please feel free to contact me.

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 Happy Thanksgiving! I wanted to find a way to say thanks to all my loyal readers online so I have decided to host a small art/ writing contest. I know there are lots of artists out there so now’s the time to show-off to the world what you can do!

NOTE: This is aimed to my readers over on However, I thought I might as well open it up to DA as well. ;) 

Here’s how it will work:

 - Pick which of my stories on FanFiction to focus on: Frozen Memories, Trapped (Frozen), Or What Really Happened in The Lion King.

- You create an art piece about this story.

- Story cover or a scene inspired

- Shoot me a link to the art here or to my new Deviant art page. (Shadowlion2)

- Label art with the name you want to recognized as.



1st place ~ Art will become the official cover art of this story and the right to help name a new main Character for a future Disney story of mine. (Last name OR First name) (LK:Get to name Zira's most trusted outsider and of course gets a shout-out as well. Frozen: Name the captain of Hans' personal guard.)


2nd place~ Get to name a future outlander loyal to Zira in my story and a shout-out. (Frozen: A special cameo in TRAPPED, where you can say one thing to Elsa.Give her advice, encouragement, or even just make her laugh. It's your choice.)


3rd place~ Shout out from me on my next chapter.  (Both)



All Art will be shown in a slideshow on YouTube with all artist credit of course! (This way even if you don’t win, you will still get your art shown and maybe even gain some new fans of your art!)


Story Cover Requirements:

     LK Story

    -       Must include Felix or his wooden turtle necklace.

    -       Must include story title somewhere.

       Frozen Stories

     -  Must include the story title somewhere.
     - Must include at least  one character or object from the story.

Scene Inspired Requirements:


    -       Have at least one story character in the scene, AKA do not submit empty backgrounds

    -       Have good clean fun



Prince Felix or Prince Senka?


    ﷒     How do you interpret Felix? Good? Evil? Draw him how you picture him.

Elsa: Anna's Sister, the Queen? Or Hans' sister, the Weapon?

               Draw her how do you see Elsa.






For those of you who prefer writing, I have a few prompts to choose from for you as well.  600-2,000 word limit. No cussing. (NOTE: There is only first place for the writing prompts.)


All the stories submitted will be viewable on FF after the contest.



First place for each prompt will get…


    -       A sneak preview for an upcoming chapter I’m writing for the story of their choice.






Alternate Cliffies


Choose a cliffhanger from one of my stories and write how you think it should have played out.


OC Crossover


Have a OC of mine meet up with a OC of your own for a short story.




This is your chance to write up a worst case scenario for the villain you hate most in the story. (Don’t be overly gory, let the readers imagine it.)





*You can submit art and pose but you will not be allowed to win both. ;P




*How to submit?*


Send it to me over on Fanfic or in a note here Deviant Art, if you have an account there. (The link to my DA page will be on my author’s bio.)


Shadowlion2 has started a donation pool!
52 / 1,050
I am simply wanting a detailed picture of my Lion King OC that I can use for my fanfic. Unfortunately I'm not an artist, just a writer so I need to be able to pay someone else who is much more talented than I.

Thank you!

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